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The Lightmapper



Title: The Lightmapper

Creator: Naxela

Links: Website, GitHub, Tutorial

The Lightmapper


The Lightmapper is an addon for Blender that implements lightmapping and denoising capabilities for global illumination texture baking with support for 32-bit HDR Lightmaps. Baking is done through Cycles, and includes automatic material setup, automatic UV setup, encoding options, format options and advanced postprocess filtering. The setup is object-centric, meaning that you can customize the settings for each individual object, providing you with the easiest and most versatile lightmapping solution for Blender.

Features - Version 0.3

  • Automated lightmap baking

The addon automates everything you need to bake, ranging from scaling, material setup, uv-layering, uv-unwrapping and more:

  • Per-object settings

Each object can have it's own settings and be customized in terms of resolution, uv margin and unwrap mode:

  • Multi-material support

Add as many materials to each object as you want:

  • AI-based Denoising

Integrated denoising as well as support for faster CPU OIDN denoising and GPU Optix denoising:

  • Performance and speed

Baking presets automatically adjusts sampling, quality and tile settings based on situation and CPU/GPU:

  • Postprocess filtering

Additional filtering to give your lightmaps an extra edge and quality through OpenCV:

  • Background-baking

Is your baking going to take a long time? Try background baking, which let's you continue working on your scene:

  • Easy material management

Apart from automatic material setup, resetting materials is easy and baking without material setup too for external engines:


Installation of The Lightmapper is straight forward. All you need to do is download the latest release, and install as a .zip file from inside Blender. For more information, please refer to the wiki section: COMING SOON


For more information, please refer to the wiki section: COMING SOON


The wiki page is under construction, and documentation is in the process of being written.

Images and Videos

Watch the video

Watch the video

HTML5 lightmap examples - Powered by Armory3D

3rd Party addon compatibility


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