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TexTools is a free addon for Blender with a collection of professional UV and Texture related tools. Back in 2009 I released the Original TexTools for 3dsMax 318. This is my first blender addon, more features will be added in the future.

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Size tools
  • Set UV/texture/baking size & padding
  • Crop selection to UV bounds
  • Resize or extend UV canvas
  • swap and change UV channels
  • Reload all Textures\
UV Layout tools
  • Align Verts / Islands
  • Align Island to edge
  • Rotate 90 degree to bounds
  • Align and UV shells by size,
  • Iron Faces: unwraps selected faces to UV Island
Selection tools
  • Select similar UV islands
  • Select overlapping UV islands
  • Select Island Bounds in 3D view

Texel Density tools
  • Assign checker maps with non square, square in any sizes
  • Get texel density from objects or selected mesh faces
  • Set texel density to selected objects or selected mesh faces
  • Scale texel density by individual UV islands or as a combined group
Texture Baking
  • Bake: Select object and press bake: That easy!
  • Anti Aliasing for all bake types
  • Bake to single texture or multiple
  • 18 bake modes: AO, ID map, normal, cavity, worn, gradient Z. And more to come.
  • Automatically group objects by matching names.
  • Supports lowpoly, highpoly to lowpoly, with or without cage and or floating objects
  • Explode: Explode bake pairs
  • Organize: Auto match bake object names by location and bounding box matching
Swap and select UV channels
Quickly assign sizes in pixels for baking or related tools.
Resize the UV canvas to non square ratios
The Align tool: Aligns islands or verts (context sensitive)
Iron Faces: A quick way of assigning faces to a single UV island
Selects similar UV islands based on the UV island input selection and matching UV Island topology.
Texel Density tools: Sample from objects or selected faces. Assign to objects or faces and manage checker maps in different sizes intuitively
Anti Aliasing for any of the bake modes in TexTools
Easy baking: Just select a type to bake, select the object and press ‘Bake’
Bake pair tools: Organize, select by type or set makes baking much easier
Bake explode tool: Moves bake object sets apart so its easier to create clean bakes.

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