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Octane Node Wrangler



Octane for Blender: 2.83 or newer



This is the same node_wrangler like in your blender, but with little changes to support octane shaders instead of blenders.

 To learn more and to get support, visit the creator's GitHub site: 

Features so far..:

  • viewer node / cntrl+shft+click on any node to add viewer node
  • full transform&uwp projectile / select texture node and ctrl+t
  • switch-type-to / select node and shift+s
  • shader's texture setup for octane / ctrl+shift+t on shader node -
  • mix shader/textures with hotkeys / ctrl+shift+rmb / ctrl+numpad 0/ etc..

this plugin behaves as octane one only if your renderer set to octane, you can change renderer to eevee/cycle to work as default one.

Be free to leave any feedback or feature request.

This plugin still can be used with cycle/eevee, it doesn't override any of default methods.


Important: Please, disable your node_wrangler before installing this one. Just uncheck it so no conflict will happen Install in blender just like any other plugin.

Video example:

You can download the latest release here(you will need to unzip it to install or just download .py file):


Please, let me know if you notice any unexpected behavior/feedback, be free to create an issue, I will try to figure out.


If you feel like spending money to help, any donation is appreciated by this link and will literally make our lives better:


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