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Lily Surface Scraper



Lily Surface Scraper

Elie Michel
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2.83 LTS
2.93 LTS

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Lily Surface Scraper

There are many sources for getting PBR textures on the Internet, but it is always a repetitive task to setup the shader once in Blender. Some sources provide an add-on to automatically handle this, but it remains painful to install a new add-on for each of them, and learn over how they slightly differ from the other one.

LilySurfaceScrapper suggest a very intuitive and unified workflow: browse your favorite library in your browser. Once you have made your choice, just copy the URL of the page and paste it in Blender. The script will prompt for potential variants if some are detected, then download the maps and setup the material.

This add-on has been designed to make it very easy to add new sources. You can just add a script in the Scrapers/ directory, it will be automatically detected. See below for more information.

Download the latest release, then in Blender, go to Edit > Preferences, Add-on, Install, browse to the zip file.

Make sure that you have ticked the small checkbox next to "Import: Lily Surface Scrapper", otherwise the add-on will not be active.
Add-on loaded in the User Preferences

Add-on loaded in the User Preferences

You can set a path to your texture library. If the path is in absolute form, like C:\Users\Suzanne\Pictures, you will not have to save your blend files before you can use the add-on.

If a path is relative like image-textures\lily LilySurfaceScrapper searches for a folder named image-textures next to your .blend project file and saves the textures inside image-textures in a subfolder named lily.


1. Open the material properies panel.
Add-on loaded in the User Preferences

2.If you see this message you need to save your file first or set an absolute path for your textures.

Add-on loaded in the User Preferences

3. Browse one of the supported websites, until you find a texture, say

4. Copy this URL

5. Click Import from Clipboard to instantly import the material. Alternatively, you can click Import Surface and paste the URL you just copied:

Add-on loaded in the User Preferences

6. Select the variant, if there is more than one available on the page:

Add-on loaded in the User Preferences

7. The textures are now being downloaded and the material is being setup. Depending on the resolution and your internet connection this can take a few seconds.

To change where the textures are being stored on the drive, check Preferences. Note that they are not downloaded twice if you use the same URL and variant again.

Add-on loaded in the User Preferences

NB The same process is available in the World panel:

Lily Surface Scrapper in world panel

Supported sources
The following sources are supported, feel free to suggest new ones.

  • cgbookcase:
  • CC0Textures:
  • Texture Haven:
  • Your local filesystem
  • Search on If the "URL" contains just words, no slash, they are used as search keywords to randomly pick a result on You can also perform the search yourself and provide a link to the result page on Make sure that the link is for a supported texture site.

  • HDRI Haven:
  • Search on (same as for materials)
Blender hangs forever when downloading the files If you are using a VPN, try to disable it.

If you run into any sort of trouble running this add-on, please fill an issue on this repository. Please, do not attempt to report problems with the addon to the material and sky sources' websites as they are not involved in this project and I don't want them to receive undue "spam" because of me.

Trouble is to be expected the source websites change their design. Please report it here and be patient so we can fix the addon, or try to propose your own changes (they should be pretty easy to do, see section about new sources below).


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