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Building Tools



Building Tools
Ian Karanja
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Building Tools
⚡️ Crazy fast way to model buildings in Blender!

Building Tools provides the user with a couple of different floor plan options to get started quickly. 
They include:
  • Rectangular Floor plan.
  • Composite Floor plan.
  • Circular Floor plan.
  • H-Shaped Floor plan.
  • Random Floor plan.

Usage can be seen here: 

Building Tools provides some convenient properties to drive the shape of the floor plans.

If a user is not satisfied with the available options, Building Tools allows users to make their own floor plans.

The only constraint is that the mesh must be completely flat.

Context requirements:

Edit Mode - user must be in edit mode on an active object.
Object can be any mesh generated by a user.

Face(s) Selection - user must have one or more faces selected.
Face(s) must be strictly rectangular.

Face normals must have a zero as the Z component i.e not upward/downward facing.


Other features:

  • Size & Offset - Provides options to manipulate the size and placement of doors.
  • Arraying - Allows users to place multiple evenly spaced doors on a single face.
  • Arch - This allows the creation of an arch along the top frame.
  • Fill types - Provide general decorative elements placed on the main door surface.

The features mentioned above can be used in any combination to produce the desired door(s). Extra options have been omitted for brevity but their use should be obvious through experimentation.

For more instructions, visit the wiki:


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