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Blender: 2.83, 2.93


Title: Auto Delete

Creator: Darcvizer

Verified on: 2.83 LTS, 2.93 LTS

Links: GitHub, Blender Artists


Auto Delete is an add-on for Blender that allows you to quickly delete objects, vertices, lines, faces, and more, bypassing the confirmation pop-ups by default.



To install, download the zip file and Unzip. Install the .py file ( for 2.8+).

Then, in the add-on preferences, make sure to uncheck all the hotkey conflicts (see screenshot). You can also change the default delete to something besides X, if you want.


To use, all you have to do is press x. It skips the popup asking for you to confirm if it is an object. If you've selected vertices, it will delete the vertices, same for lines or faces.


For support, contact the creator on his Blender Artists link.



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