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An asset manager.







  • Import
  • Convert
  • Untiling











  • Triplanar
  • Height blend



  • Detail blend



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Supported Maps

  • Albedo
  • Diffuse
  • Specular
  • Metallic
  • Roughness
  • Gloss
  • Opacity
  • Emissive
  • Height
  • Bump
  • Ambient Occlusion



General settings

Random UV Offset is used as a seed and per object and UV island offset randomization.


Normal settings

Y- Normal Map should be set to 1 if a DirectX style normal map is used.

X Rotation and Y Rotation are used to correct a normal map tilt, which for some maps may become visible after random transformations.

Before and after


From Min and From Max are used to normalize the material height map. These can be set automatically using Normalize Height operator.

Seam Range, Seam Middle and Seam Easing control a seam height range. It is used to mitigate crevices and bumps in seams.

Seam Size Addition and Seam Blend Addition control Seam Size separately for a height map.

Triplanar Blend Addition controls triplanar mapping specific blend.


Triplanar Blend controls triplanar mapping specific blend.

Blend Mode: 0 - maximum height mode, 1 - minimum height mode. Mode 1 is useful for patterned materials like bricks.

Fragmentation controls an amount of fragments a texture is separated into.

Randomness controls a seam randomness which is the Voronoi randomness.

Expand properties are used to prevent a seam from getting too narrow.

Seam Noise

The Blender cloud noise to distort seams.


Randomization controls


Pre-transformation controls

Pre-transformations are used to adjust a map before random transformations. The bitmap should be maximally symmetric relative to the center. If your bitmap is not symmetric relative to itself this will not help.

Before and after pre-transformations

X Scale and Y Scale control a map aspect ratio. These are set automatically on import.

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